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August 25, 2007


Nike Jordan

Business underlies everything in our national life, including our spiritual life. Witness the fact that in the Lord's Prayer, the first petition is for daily bread. No one can worship God or love his neighbor on an empty stomach. Do you think so?

Esmeralda Villarreal

It is unfortunate that someone can be so careless and overlook the obvious. It is also unfortunate that because of the lack of knowledge you had to endure many years of not being able to enjoy the freedom that some do not value. Your courage and brave spirit is admired, as well as the love and support that you received from your family and those who believed in you. God bless you and your loved ones!!


Hello Mario
I just finished seeing your documentary.. All i can say is you have a STRONG SOUL.I am very happy to read that all of this is over after seeing your documentary and looking for you on Google to find out how it was going to end i cried of joy to know that the judge drop
the charges. yeah its 2011 and your story will never get old just like it hit my heart it will hit many more years in other peoples hearts.. Saludos from Chicago te mando un abrazo y bendisiones para ti y tu family.. <3


Hi Mario, I just watched your documentary on Netflix. How amazing that your courage, spirit, and story have been able to reach so many. I have been truly inspired by your strength and the kindness of those who assisted you and the love of your family. Congratulations on a fight well fought!

Hope Koskey

Anthony Ballon

Mario, I commend you for holding it together and never giving up even if your mind and heart may have been at odds of the possible outcome when you were fighting your case. Your story is one that touches the very center of my beating chest. Though you were serving a much more serious term then I would ever have had to face if convicted, I think you can understand that when I say every second and minute in confinement feels like an eternity. Incarceration feels like one really long nightmare. Even worse is when you truly know that you do not belong in the place you are in and your trying to cope with the idea that life will never be the same. Until the very end when my case was dismissed in an LA County Criminal Court room after a year of court dates and having spent months in jail- I never ignored what my heart and spirit were telling me the whole time. Never give up on life's battles big or small. Cuidado Homeboy and keep up the great writing. A special blessing to your mother and family who were solid and kept their faith during your trials.

carol stuve

Hola, Mario, I just watched the documentary about you and your prison sentence. I've read through several of the comments also and the Mexican lawyer's question about the subtitles being in Spanish is muy importante (I teach high school Spanish.) it really should be in Spanish and I hope you find a way to get that done. I would donate!!! Maybe requesting to make donations to that endeavor would be possible. I am simply amazed at your strength and ashamed of our "justice" system. In more ways that not, I am ashamed of our government, and the politics which allow such atrocities to happen to innocent people. I hope you become a person who can give the best gift - the most crucial gift- the ONE that you KNOW better than almost ANYONE could know - that gift of HOPE. Keep up your writng - it is EXECELENTE!!!! Que te bendiga el Dios. Buena suerte en tu vida ...al lado correcto donde debes estar.


Amazing story am so glad for you what a positive influence you have become much props

Cindy Elizabeth

Your story and life is such an INSPIRATION. You give me hope in these things I go through that you kept your head held high through it all. As I watched the documentary about you, I held my breath through it wondering if you ever get free! I thought "If he doesn't get free I have to try to help!". Thank you for being such an inspiration of spirit and hope.

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Jane Rodriguez

Hi Mario may GOD Bless you and your family always and your voice that fought for u til the END your Angels....

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