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March 06, 2009



Dear Mario
I saw the film yesterday and I wept. Because of your spirit and the kindness of others.
According to the movie you were about the be tried again. I don´t know that came out of that but I know that your story is an inspiration and awakening to many including me. I know that God was there with you and your family all of the time.

Ana Costa

Thank you. You are so beautiful as the lady who helped you since the beginning. how can I read some of your writing?


Dennis Michaels

Mario, I don't know if you will ever read this but I felt compelled to write something after seeing your story. I speak for my entire Sociology class when I say you are an incredible individual. To have suffered through such injustice and remain level headed, almost calm through the whole ordeal is nothing short of a miraculous display of the human spirit triumphing over adversity. You have inspired me as well as the students in my class. You have endured so much and I am glad to see justice has prevailed. God bless you and thank you for all that you have done; people like you give strength to those whom believe hope is a vaporous whisper fleeting on the most docile of breezes. Thank you.


Wow this was Amazing story. Very sad to see how the Justis system fails us at times. Im glad to see you got your day and your out with your family and may GOD Bless you through your new life jurney.



Here's yet another comment on your story and documentary that I just finished watching.

I am a young "social worker" serving at a Dallas high school with a 97% Latino population - some of which, in my short time there, have already begun their sentences. What's worse is that many are living in their own prison cells from day to day without even realizing it. Your story is as an inspiration to me in my service to my little brothers and sisters from the barrio.

Also, I was hoping to read more of your writing and was excited when I saw you had a blog. I'd like to encourage you to continue writing or please redirect me to a location where you do write regularly.

Thank you for sharing your story with the world.

heather bogosian

I saw this documentary today in my English class. I was very interested in it. It was extremely interesting. It happens all the time at parties and it is scarry. Did you ever sue the guy that accused you?


its one of those lonely friday nights where i sit on my couch a little depressed not wanting to be at home alone watching tv.
I decide to watch your documentary without knowing anything about it. Its one of those things that comes to you for a reason.
I cried so much because it made me feel grateful for my freedom and it made me sad to know that you spent 10 years wrongfully locked up. Yet you kept your mind and heart free regardless.
It made me realize that i imprison myself in my own mind all too often.
Every day is so precious and has many gifts.
your story reminded me of that and i am grateful to you Mario
Peace and Love to you and your beautiful family

Amelia Cooper

Mario I watched the documentory on your case and I fully believe that you were never guilty. You should be compensated for all the yeears you had to spend in prison and the torture you had to go to. Alot of the laws in North America make no sense, but I'm glad that things are finally working out for you. I'll Pray for you.

Amelia Cooper

mike alderette

seen the story and the people that help you get out of an injustice.god bless everyone who cares.i would love to read all you write Mario.please if you haven't already published your work,do so.i will never forget how you kept your spirit and soul alive for so long.god bless you and everyone who loves you.

Maggie Lugo

Hi Mario! I watched your documentary on Netflix and I told my hubby I was going to look you up and get the update. I'm so glad you are free! No retrial no nada! Great! One thing though, I would love to have you as a pen pal or FB friend! I love writing as well and enjoy your work. Sincerely, Maggie Lugo

Kizzy Kay Rosales

Mario, words cannot describe the emotions felt watching your documentary. You are a beautiful soul and strong one as well. Your courage is felt by all. Good luck with all you encounter and I hope your life is filled with love & happiness forever.
~Kizzy Kay Rosales

manuel bayardo

mario, i just saw the film based on your life and was deeply moved by it. im very sorry for the injustices that you suffered, yet im very happy that you are now a free man. your life and your family are an example to the good in the world. thank you. manuel

Sandra Rivera


I dont know if these words that I type to you will ever reach you. Just know your spirit and your will to survive have touched me deeply. Unfortunately, your story is not one of a kind many more wrongly , misrepresented convicted inmates sit in their cells with the same theme. I am glad you were able to triumph. Wishing you all the best life can offer you . God bless you and your precious family.

Sandra Rivera

Pang Xiong

I watched your documentary this evening and was moved to tears by your story. I cannot fathom the agony you endured for 12 long years. It is amazing to me that you kept your spirit for as long as you did. You have an amazing family and your legal team was unstoppable. Your story continues to inspire well into 2011. Thank you for sharing it with us. Much love from Minnesota :-)
Minneapolis, MN


There was a part in the documentary Mario's story where you state that when you were going to your first sentencing was your funeral, and its funny because i never felt more alive listening to the words you managed to write down at those difficult times.I hope you continue to write and inspire. Live, in every aspect of the word and I will take a bit of my own advice that I forget sometimes, but with your story I'm reminded.Much love from NYC

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